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The BSSA runs beginner and intermediate classes at 6.30pm on the same nights as our monthly meetings.

You are welcome to attend two classes as a non-member before we ask that you would join the BSSA

The beginners class has five topics and will be run through twice per year.

The intermediate class focuses on seasonal management as well as topics requested by members.


We work through one of these topics each month, and run through the list twice per year
  1. Regulations and legal requirements 

  2. Obtaining bees and Queens 

  3. Location, Equipment and legal

  4. Beekeeping safety

  5. What’s in a beehive? 


The seasonally relevant topics for the second half of the year are:

  • July - Pest and Disease Management

  • August - Swarm Management

  • September - Splitting colonies, merging colonies, doing cut-outs

  • October - Hail the Queen! (Requeening - what, when, how, buying queens, raising your own queens)

  • November - Honey, Honey, Honey (harvesting, extracting, decanting, labelling, selling)

Upcoming Classes

No events available.

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