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 Good quality links providing guidance for managing pests and disease.

Honey bees can be affected by a range of pests and diseases. It is important you carry out regular hive inspections to assess the health of the hive. If you detect a pest or disease in any of your hives, you must carry out the appropriate steps to eradicate it, which may include notification to PIRSA.

Below are several links to assist you in identifying and managing American Foulbrood (AFB).

What is AFB?  Provided by the Management Agency. National American Foulbrood Pest Management Plan New Zealand. Information includes: What is AFB, how it is caused, and the life cycle of AFB. The site includes videos, symptoms, infection and diagnosis and a five minute quiz to test your knowledge.

The Management Agency. National American Foulbrood Pest Management NZ have also developed an app for your smart phone that you can download here. The app is a convenient way to check the health of your hive whilst inspecting it. It includes photos and quiz questions to help you identify and diagnose AFB.

The NSW Department of Primary Industries has developed 'Guidelines for the identification and management of American Foulbrood'. The guidelines include information about the disease, signs and symptoms, how to manage the disease and your hive, what to do if AFB is detected and what the beekeepers responsibilities are to notify government authorities.

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