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The BSSA has one public Facebook page and two private Facebook groups where members can access information about bees, beekeeping, events, BSSA meeting recordings, as well as buy and sell equipment and bees. Click on the link (heading) to take you to the relevant page.

1. Beekeepers' Society of South Australia

This page is available to everyone and hosts the video recordings of the general meetings, provides information about upcoming events and future general meetings.

2. Beekeepers' Society of South Australia (BSSA)

This is a private group and only group members who join by agreeing to the rules can see other members and their posts. Information includes general posts about bees, beekeeping, and other relevant topics, posted by members of the group. No promotion or selling is allowed.

3. South Australian Beekeepers Swap, Buy and Sell

This is a private group to connect South Australian beekeepers with local bee and beekeeping-related items for sale and swap. Only members who join can see who is in the group, and the items they post. This is the right page if you want to advertise equipment, bees or services for sale or swap. This is the right page if you are in the market to purchase equipment, bees or services.

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