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Health and the Honeybee by Charles Mraz

21 Feb 2022 3:42 PM | James FIELD (Administrator)

The introduction to this book states, "This book is not intended for personal medical guidance nor is it meant to be a substitute in any way for proper medical care." The current spate of beauty treatments relating to "bee venom" indicates a reasonable level of interest in the community. Whilst this book by Charles Mraz is not about beauty "treatments", it does look at the therapeutic application of bee products, or apitherapy - an ancient practice that has found its way into modern medicine.

The author has had a leading role in the use of bee venom to treat auto-immune diseases, particularly arthritis and multiple sclerosis, and he provides anecdotes and case histories based on his experiences as a practitioner of bee venom therapy. It's an interesting read on a somewhat controversial topic.

Reviewed by Barbara Horwood

Charles Mraz, (1995), Queen City Publications, Burlington, VT (USA) ISBN 0-9642485-0-6 Soft cover, 87 pages Level: Intermediate

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