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Varroa mite updates from AHBIC

30 Jun 2022 8:20 AM | James FIELD (Administrator)

On Wednesday the 22nd June an initial detection of Varroa mite was found in sentinel hives at the port of Newcastle. A second confirmed detection in a commercial load of bees occurred within 10km on Saturday 25th June.

These have been the ONLY detections so far. There has been no further detections outside of the 10km eradication zone.

Due to the second detection being in commercial hives, DPI have been swift in conducting tracing activities to determine the locations of any hives connected to the commercial operation. The resulting tracing has determined that there are hives connected to the operation outside of the 50km emergency zone.

In consultation state counterparts, the almond industry and AHBIC, the Incident Controller and Chief Plant Officer signed the stand still order which came into effect this evening. The order means the following:-

• Hives must not be moved if they are in the state of NSW regardless if NSW is not their residence.

• Hives must not be ‘tampered’ with, meaning hives can not be worked, extracted or have supers put on.

• There is an exemption for conducting surveillance including sugar shake and alcohol washes.

The intent of the order is to allow time for the department to trace hive movements and determine the locations of any ‘at risk’ hives outside of the 50km zone.

This is a biosecurity order and the penalties for disregarding this order are huge, police are aware and patrolling. Please be patient. This is for the long term benefit of our industry.

Sugar shake and alcohol washes can be undertaken on any hives during this order. If mites are detected in your surveillance ring the hotline on 1800 084 881.

The link to the emergency order is here:

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